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Greetings my Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters; Kings and Queens!


Thank you for dropping by to experience this journey with me; as time is life's most precious gift, and I feel honored for your presence.

My journey started at the beginning of 2018. In previous years, even throughout my adolescent years, I flirted with with the idea of taking my talents seriously. But, never seem to discover the inspiration needed to advance me on my passage. 

Towards the end of 2017 what began as hobby,  the 2018 My Life Planners, has now been the footprint of my career and has given me the opportunity to network with so many talented souls across the United States. Thus, unfolding a once hobby into the company it is today, AMAT, LLC.

My goal is simple; to inspire, to motivate, to assist,  and to bring visions into fruition.

My prayer and hope is that somewhere, nestled within this website you are able to identify with something that inspires you to keep going,  to never give up on your dreams, and to allow AMAT, LLC to be apart of your journey.

Wishing you, always Peace, Love, & Abundance in Excess


June 2, 2019

Interview with Dynamics of Dialogue

Host: Tai Davis

Get It Here

July 1, 2019

Interview with VoyageATL Magazine

Read my store here. 

Dynamics of DialogueHost Tai Davis
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